An Introduction to Recycled Gardens

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Recycled Gardens

Gardening is a great pastime, and as people become more and more aware of the environment recycled gardening has become more and more popular. Recycled gardening seeks to use unwanted or discarded materials readily available in homes, sheds, and garages, and minimizes purchasing new materials. It is yet another way to conserve and reduce waste, and the environmental carbon footprint. Not only are recycled gardens an attractive way to conserve, but they also contain interesting and unique features that aren’t available in traditional gardens.

Some of these are using reclaimed railway sleepers for raised beds instead of traditional lumber or wood slats. The sleepers knit together well, and give raised gardens excellent height. Beds can be created low or high with railway sleepers, depending on what the bed is being used for. Everything from flower, vegetable and herb gardens can be planted in beds such as these. The railway sleepers also result in a natural feeling to the gardenscapes.

Railway sleepers can also be inserted vertically into the ground as a unique style of fencing. The benefit of this type of fencing is the natural aesthetics being created. For instance, it gives a range of heights, and the sleeper slats will also weather at different rates, creating a variety of hues and tones.

An excellent way to build a climbing frame for honeysuckle, wisteria, and hop, is by using sectioned telegraph poles. Poles are 12 feet high, with 2-3 of the bottom inserted in the ground and cemented in place. Old metal meshwork has been used between the telegraph poles to create fencing for the plants to climb on. This also adds to the aesthetics of the natural feel and look of the recycled garden. Metal meshwork can also be put on top of the telegraph pole for plants to be contained, or climb over it.

One of the things to remember with recycled gardens is a type of creativity and charm of gardens that use a variety of containers and materials made from recycled goods, instead of store-bought items. For this reason, containers are not traditional and are often made from any number of recycled materials. Even old wash tubs can be used as unique focal points that now have bursting colors flowing over the porcelain. Old drainage clay pipes can be cut to act as flowering containers, along with chimney pots, or slate tiles. Slate tiles can be glued together and used as containers. Old pallets can be used as raised beds, or even compost containers. Old pebbles, plastic chips or other items can also act as mulch that brings a sense of unique character to recycled gardens.

Looking around individual sheds and garages will undoubtedly bring new ideas and ways to furnish a recycled garden. With a little thought and creativity, almost any garage item can be a new container, or serve as a character piece for the recycled garden. Old pots, rakes, dishes, soft drink bottles, and even old light bulbs can be used as creative ways to make containers, bird baths, fountains and chimes for this uniquely unforgettable garden.