How to Build a Mini Hovercraft

Hovercrafts are interesting vehicles that look as if they are from a science fiction movie. It has the capability on riding on a cushion of air. This gives the appearance that the hovercraft is floating in the air. It isn’t. In fact, it is simply just being held in the air due to air pressure. Many kids dream of having a hovercraft of their own that they can operate. A growing number of inventive kids are finding out that there are plans out on the…Continue Reading “How To Build a Mini Hovercraft”

Vinyl Collecting as a Hobby

There are so many things one can collect and thus create for themselves a truly personalized and unique hobby. This is where having such a hobby become a true joy as it meshes together those things one enjoys and adores so that they build a collection that showcases their passion and also in interesting for them to pursue as collecting is a never-ending part of the hobby; as one never knows when or where that next great item may be found. One top hobby for…Continue Reading “Vinyl Collecting As A Hobby”

DIY- Make Halloween Party Crafts

Most kids love Halloween. It is the one day of the year, that they can dress up and costume, and be someone else. Most children enjoy going trick or treating on Halloween, and Halloween parties are also fun. It is the time of year that most kids look forward to. If you are having a Halloween party, allowing your guests to make Halloween crafts is a great idea. Not only will it keep the children occupied, they will also have something to take home from…Continue Reading “DIY – Make Halloween Party Crafts”

How to Make CD Crafts

Creating crafts from ordinary items around the house is a great way to show children how to make fun items without the need for buying any supplies. Making use of resources that are simply going to waste in your home can bring those items back to live in a fun and exciting way. One of the more interesting craft ideas is to utilize those old CD’s that you have lying around the house. You might have old music CD’s with scratches, or possible some blank…Continue Reading “How To Make CD Crafts”


There are so many cute ‘do it yourself’ projects up on Pinterest right now. Who hasn’t seen a perfectly taken photograph of a sweetly worn sweater with perfectly tied bows on the shoulders and thought ‘I can make that!’ while waiting for Mobile Legends PC to complete its updates? Here it is, the perfect DIY Bow Sweater instruction set, take that old frumpy sweater and turn it into a feminine, one of a kind look. What You will Need: An oversized sweater, a thicker knit…Continue Reading “DIY – How to Craft a Pretty Bow Sweater?”