10-minute Crafts that Kids Can Easily Do

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Don’t know what to do to keep your kids busy this summer? With these easy 10-minute crafts for kids, you can use your children’s time in a creative, productive manner.

Paper Pinwheel

Paper pinwheels are the fidget spinners of the yesteryears. They are a timeless craft and great crafts for kids that are easy during their free time. Even adults can make these pretty crafts for special occasions such as baby shower or pool party. Once you have a decorative piece of paper, simply cut and fold them into pinwheels. Attach in a sturdy stick and voila! You’re done!

Fancy May Day Basket

Whether for summer or spring, may day baskets make perfect crafts for kids and adults alike. Using bright-colored cartolina, a string, and a few laces for decoration, your kids can easily make this craft using the design they want. Fill the basket with sweet-smelling flowers or candy canes so your little ones can enjoy the fun for a whole good year.

Glitter Glue Counting Sticks

Is your child starting to learn numbers? Make teaching and memorizing more fun by creating counting sticks designed with fun-colored glitter glue. Write the numbers using a marker on each popsicle stick, drop a few dots of glitter glue on each, and let dry. Then you’re ready to start counting!

Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Looking for art ideas for kids? The great thing about this craft is that it only takes 10 minutes to complete and the end result can last for the whole summer. Grab some chalk paint and dissolve in mini containers. Draw creative artwork in the sidewalk and have a blast of painting fun!

Magnetic Tic Tac Toe

Do you have empty boxes lying around? Put them to good use by creating magnetic tic tac toe boards at home. Cut small circles and draw tic tac toe symbols on top of each. Stick magnets underneath each circle and you can now play on any surface where magnet can stick!