DIY Lanterns For Illuminating Your Patio, Porch, or Garden

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Looking to brighten up your porch? Or making your patio a little bit more cozy? Hanging lanterns is the best way to go. The good news is that you can quickly make your own lanterns at home using a few materials that you can easily find in local stores. Check out these DIY lantern ideas.

Illuminated orbs

Imitate the cozy glow of a full moon by hanging lighted globe shades on your favorite parts of the garden. Get a few globe shades and an extension cord to enjoy the gloomy atmosphere.

Fancy tin cans

Got empty tin cans stacked in your cupboard? You can now make good use of them by creating DIY fancy tin cans. To do this, first, you need to fill the cans with water and then freeze them. This will prepare the cans for the next step. Draw a design of your choice using a marker. Then, punch the design, tracing each dot using a metal punch. Give it a pop of color using a spray paint. Light it up to give your room a spectacular starry night.

Wine bottle torches

Annoyed by mosquitoes in your patio? You can use empty wine bottles, copper top plate connector, a split ring hanger, a copper cap, and a wick to keep those pesky insects at bay.

Paper bag lanterns

Make your own beautiful paper lanterns using a few paper bags at home. Simply draw a design and punch or cut them off to create holes that the lights will shine through. This project is so easy that even kids can do it! Line your room or table with these lanterns to get yourself a charming décor that’s not only easy to do but also very friendly to your wallet.

Jar candle holders

Add a touch of elegance to your garden party by decorating old mason jars with lace and ribbons. Light them up with bulbs or string lights to achieve a dramatic atmosphere you and your guests will enjoy.

With these DIY lantern using recycled materials, you finally can spruce up your home and garden using only a few materials and a few cents from a local thrift store. Happy crafting!