DIY – Make Halloween Party Crafts

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DIY- Make Halloween Party Crafts

Most kids love Halloween. It is the one day of the year, that they can dress up and costume, and be someone else. Most children enjoy going trick or treating on Halloween, and Halloween parties are also fun. It is the time of year that most kids look forward to. If you are having a Halloween party, allowing your guests to make Halloween crafts is a great idea. Not only will it keep the children occupied, they will also have something to take home from the party.

Jack O Lanterns
Creating Jack O Lanterns is a craft that all of the children will enjoy. You can use either a small real pumpkin for older children, or a pumpkin made out of paper mache for younger children. Paper mache pumpkins are better for younger children, because they can use washable markers to decorate them. Washable markers are not good for real pumpkins, because the color will smear. If you are using real pumpkins, you should use acrylic paint. When using acrylic paints, it is important to give the children a paint smock so that they do not get their clothes dirty. The children can decorate their pumpkins how ever they please.

Eatable Haunted Centerpiece
This is fun craft that you can have the kids make. When they are done making it, they can take it home and eat it.

You Will Need:
1 box of graham crackers
Chocolate frosting
1 bag of candy corns
1 bag of candy pumpkins
1 package of black licorice
Heavy gauge wire

Begin by having the children spread the chocolate frosting over the graham cracker. Be sure that the entire graham cracker is covered. Next, snip of the ends of six pieces of licorice. Push the heavy gauge wire through the holes in each piece of licorice. Hold the pieces together in the middle, and bend the bottom ends to form the tree trunk. You want to make sure that they are bent out enough so that they can hold the tree up. Bend the tops of the licorice in different directions to create the spooky branches. Finally, wrap the wire around the center of the pieces to hold them all together.

Place the tree on the frosted graham cracker, and place the candy corn around the edges of the graham cracker to form a fence. Place the candy pumpkins inside the candy corn fence.

Googly Eye Monsters
This is a great craft for kids of all ages. The children can use their creativity to make different characters. One of the more popular look for Halloween is dressing up as a Goblin from Clash Royale.

You Will Need:
Drinking straws
Googly eye stickers
Begin by putting a blob of paint on the paper. Have the children blow quickly into the straw so that it spreads the paint into a giant blob. After the paint has dried, have the children apply the googly eye stickers, and decorate it with the markers.

The children can make several of these characters in a variety of colors.

Pasta Skeletons
Pasta skeletons is a fun craft, and it allows the children to use their creativity.

You Will Need:
Dried pasta (Spaghetti and penne are good for the bones, and shells are good for the head)
Black construction paper
White paint
Black sharpie marker

Have the children break up pieces of pasta to create their skeletons. When they have their skeleton made, they can paint the pasta pieces that they are using white. When the paint is dry, they can glue the pieces to the black construction paper to form their skeleton. Using the black sharpie marker, they can create the skeleton’s face.

Paper Plate Spider
This is an excellent craft for children of all ages. When it is done, it makes an excellent decoration.

You Will Need:
Paper plates
Black paint
Black construction paper
White paper
Black sharpie marker
Glue or a stapler

Begin by having the children paint the paper plate black. This is the spider’s body. Next, you want to make the legs. Fold the construction paper in half lengthwise, then again. Cut the paper along the folds. To make the legs crinkly, fold an inch of the paper in, then fold again out. Do this so that the whole leg is crinkly. Next, either staple or glue the legs around the spider’s body. Finally, glue two circles of the white paper to make the eyes, and draw the pupils with the black sharpie.

All of these crafts are relatively simple to make, and are a lot of fun. These crafts are a fun way to keep the kids occupied and to bring out their creative side.