How To Build a Mini Hovercraft

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How to Build a Mini Hovercraft

Hovercrafts are interesting vehicles that look as if they are from a science fiction movie. It has the capability on riding on a cushion of air. This gives the appearance that the hovercraft is floating in the air. It isn’t. In fact, it is simply just being held in the air due to air pressure. Many kids dream of having a hovercraft of their own that they can operate. A growing number of inventive kids are finding out that there are plans out on the internet that will allow them to build a basic miniature hovercraft. Although, it is increasingly difficult to construct one that will actually carry a person it isn’t nearly that difficult to build a miniature unmanned hovercraft for a science project, research, or for fun. All that a person needs to do this is a few materials and a fair bit of mechanical aptitude.

First, it is a good idea to try to do some research on how to build one of these miniature hovercrafts before assembling a materials list. There are many plans that are available on the internet for free that people can use as a basis for their own, modified, design. The easiest way for a people to find thee plans on the internet is to simply do a search for them via a search engine. Many of these plans have material lists already include, but it may have to be amended if the builder wants to add some personalization to it. Typically, the material list will consist of a sheet of plywood or some people have decided to use a sheet of Styrofoam, adhesive, twine, rubber sheeting, and an electric motor from either a leaf blower, a vacuum cleaner, or something similar. It is not advised for people to use gas powered engines off of leaf blowers as they are heavier than their electrical counterparts, and working with gasoline can be dangerous. It can result in personal injury or property damage.

Next, it is important to make sure that a person that is looking to build a miniature hovercraft understands proper safety protocols when working with electricity. Electricity can be lethal if it is not respected, and it is best to research the proper protocols that should be put into place when mounting the motor, operating it outside, and modifying it from within its case. Once all of the materials are procured, and proper safety equipment is put into place then it is time to start building.

It is a good idea to make sure that the plywood, or Styrofoam, is cut to the size that is stated in the plans. If it is not, then the hovercraft may not be able to get off of the ground. The air needs enough surface area to push off of in order to get the hovercraft off of the ground. Once the proper size of the sheeting has been determined and cut to size, it is time for a round hole to be cut in the center of the sheeting. This is where the motor will be mounted to provide the thrust that will keep the hovercraft off of the ground. After the motor is secured and mounted so that the outlet faces downward then it is time to adhere the rubber sheeting to the base of the hovercraft. The reason that this is used is that it helps to contain the air pressure that is being produced by the motor. This will give the hovercraft increased stability off of the ground. The sheeting will make up the “skirt” of the hovercraft. It is important to attach it as solidly as one can with glue and staples. The seams needs to be airtight so that the hovercraft will be stable on the cushion of air.

After this is accomplished then the only thing that is left is to make a way to steer the hovercraft. Some plans show a rudder-like apparatus that people put on the rear of the hovercraft, along with a smaller motor to push air over the rudder, in order to turn the hovercraft to the left or the right. Once it is all completed then all that a person has to do is plug in the electric motor and watch the hovercraft rise. If it doesn’t then modifications must be made in order to maximize the efficiency of the skirt and underlying air cushion.

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