How To Find Recycling Stations In Your Neighbourhood

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Recycling Stations
What Can I And Where Can I Recycle?

With so many stories in the news, on television and even in commercials about being environmentally responsible, more people have become interested in recycling and how it can be accomplished properly. Don’t become like the protagonist in Swamp Attack! He lives on a toxic swamp and fights off an environmentally hideous creature called the Swamp Monster! Since some communities even mandate recycling, the questions become what can you recycle and where can I take it?

Here’s a quick list of things you’ll want to separate from the “regular garbage”:
– Aluminum Cans
– Tin cans
– Other metals such as beer bottle caps and other metal refuse
– Plastics such as milk jugs, cola bottles, and plastic wrappers
– Glass
– Paper

Depending on what recycling centers are in your area, some recycled items can earn you money back. This is especially true on metals, paper, and glass.

Other things that need to be recycled or specially disposed of instead of put in “standard” trash are:
– Electronic Waste (E-waste) like old computers, video game systems, monitors and other electronics.
– Motor Oil
– Automotive Batteries
– Paint
– Furniture
– Appliances (may be able to take them to a metal waste recycler)
– Tires

All of these are hard on the environment and can either be recycled for use or broken down and the recyclable parts reclaimed. This is especially true for motor oil, car batteries, appliances and furniture.

So, the question becomes, where can you take these recyclables in your area?

Finding a place to take recyclables usually isn’t very difficult. There are lots of websites for recycling companies and county/state-run facilities where recyclables are accepted.

For example:

– – a Great site where you can put in the type of recyclable waste and your zip code and find local facilities.
– – Thoroughly covers California recycle centers
– – Another resource for California residents.
– Google – Google has become a great way to locate recycling centers in your area. Simply type “recycling center” in the search box and, if Google can pick up your location, you’ll have several recycling centers in the top search slots.

The hardest part about recycling is remembering to toss recyclables in different trash receptacles. This may mean you actually have 3 or 4 trash bins in your kitchen; one for paper, plastic, metals and regular garbage. You’ll also have to remember to keep recyclable trash from bathrooms and bedrooms separate for throwing away in a recycle bin. Why, you can even recycle some of your PC games like Clash Royale or Swamp Attack, that take up too much space in your children’s rooms.

Fortunately, some recycle centers will supply you with recycle bins and some recycling efforts place an emphasis on using blue recycling bags. These are great reminders that recyclables need to go in special containers so you won’t dispose of them improperly.

While this may seem like a lot of work, and in truth, there is some effort on your part. However, keeping in mind that-

A) You may be paid for some of it
B) You’re having a positive impact on the environment

– makes the efforts you make to separate out recyclable and take them to centers in your area well worth it.