DIY – How to Craft a Pretty Bow Sweater?

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There are so many cute ‘do it yourself’ projects up on Pinterest right now. Who hasn’t seen a perfectly taken photograph of a sweetly worn sweater with perfectly tied bows on the shoulders and thought ‘I can make that!’ while waiting for Mobile Legends PC to complete its updates? Here it is, the perfect DIY Bow Sweater instruction set, take that old frumpy sweater and turn it into a feminine, one of a kind look.

What You will Need:

An oversized sweater, a thicker knit is easier to work with but don’t be afraid to experiment! There are too many textures to count.
Fabric scissors
Marker, make sure your marker will not bleed through your chosen sweater. Press lightly, only enough so that the marks are visible on the top layer of yarn.
Needles/thread, make sure your thread color matches the sweater!
A thick ribbon in your preferred color (while most of the pictures up have a black ribbon of varying widths, cream or a soft mint color would look lovely with most sweater colors too)

Step 1: Trace Your Cut Outs

Turn the sweater inside out and use the marker to trace where you want your cuts to go. It will be easier to visualize where you want the cutouts to be on your shoulders if you put the sweater on and observe the markings in a mirror. The cuts should extend about 6 inches from the top of your shoulder down the side of your shoulder. Make sure you leave at least an inch of fabric between the neckline and where you start to cut, this will be where the bow goes.

Step 2: Make the Cut

Take the sweater off and cut along the lines you previously traced. Try your best to cut slightly inside the lines, if you want to make the cut bigger in the future it is easier to cut away fabric instead of adding it. Make sure to cut through both layers of each sleeve at once in order to keep it as even as possible.

Step 3: Prep the Ribbon

Make a small (very small) hole in the portion of the shoulder you left by the neckline, this is the hole your ribbon will go through so make sure there is a hole on both sides.

Step 4: Hem the Edge

Hem the cutout edges with the needle and thread by folding over the rough edge to create a smooth line around the cutouts. After folding, stitch the edges together by hand.

Step 5: Add a Bow

Cut your ribbon to the length you want, make sure you have two of them, one for each shoulder. The cut edges of the ribbon will start to fray so you have 3 options to stop that.

  • You can practice your sewing skills and hem the ribbon like you hemmed the sweater (use matching thread)
  • You can use some crafting glue (it dries clear) and use your fingers to pinch the edge of the ribbon so it won’t fray
  • You can use a lighter and (carefully!) use the flame on the cut edge of the ribbon; this will melt the fibers together and stop the fraying. If you choose this method practice on a discarded piece of ribbon first!

Loop the ribbon through both holes on a shoulder and make a big fat, droopy bow like HogRider in Clash Royale. It is better to use more ribbon than you think you might need just in case. You can always cut away the edge and re-hem. To keep the ribbon from pulling apart, use the needle and thread and put a couple quick stitches through the sides of the knot, making sure to get as many layers as possible but not the ‘ears’ of the bow. This will keep your bow from untying while you’re wearing it!

Step 6: Love it

You can use any number of ribbons and sweaters in different colors and patterns to find the perfect combination. But between a soft, oversized sweater and a shiny ribbon, you get the soft and sweet look down every time.

TIP: Head over with Subway Surfers to your local consignment shop or thrift store to grab a cheap practice sweater. You might find a total steal like cashmere for $5!