How To Make CD Crafts

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How to Make CD Crafts

Creating crafts from ordinary items around the house is a great way to show children how to make fun items without the need for buying any supplies. Making use of resources that are simply going to waste in your home can bring those items back to live in a fun and exciting way. One of the more interesting craft ideas is to utilize those old CD’s that you have lying around the house. You might have old music CD’s with scratches, or possible some blank CD’s that you never got around to using and they are lying around in a dirty and dusty box in the closet. Here are just a few ways to create some fun CD craft ideas you can make easily one afternoon.

The CD Fishes

If any children in your home are into anything involving the sea, creating CD fish will certainly help to transform the look of the walls in their room. For this craft idea, you only need some CD’s, a black marker, googly eyes and construction paper. Take the marker and draw scales over the entire CD in a nice pattern. Be sure to cover the entire CD with scales. Glue one googly eye in position on the side of the CD, and then cut out a small mouth, top fin, tail fin, and bottom fin for your fish. Glue the mouth, top fin, bottom fin, and the tail fin to the CD. While waiting for the glue to dry up, you can let your kids play a round of Subway Surfers for leisure! Now take one piece of construction paper and fold it like you were making a fan. Take one end of the fan and stick it into the hole in the center of the CD and bend the paper towards the back of the fish. Create as many of these fish you like to make your own aquarium on the wall.The CD Sun Catcher

This is a fun and simple craft idea that only is limited by your imagination. The CD is a great reflector of light and will really sparkle and shine hanging from any window in your home. All your will need for this craft idea is some CD’s, a small awl or drill, paint, small beads, and some fishing line. Before you begin to decorate the CD, take your awl or a drill with the smallest bit, and create a small hole near the top of the CD. Once the hole is finished, take some paint and create unique lines, patterns or even dots on the CD. If you are very good with painting you could even paint a design or pattern that is very detailed. The CD should be painted on both sides, so once you finish the first side, you should let it dry thoroughly before the second side. Place the fishing line through the hole after painting and add some bead to the line, then knot, then add some more. Hang the CD sun catcher near a window and enjoy that sparkle all year long.The CD Clock

This unique craft idea can be as simple or as complicated as you like. The only thing you will need is a few CD’s, the clock mechanism, some paint, and a wall hanger. The reason this CD craft idea is so popular is that this item can be a great addition to the home, as well as a great gift idea. Decorate the CD on just one side in a number of ways. You can paint numbers on to the face of the clock, or use unique patterns and designs if you prefer. There really is no wrong way to make the clock face. You can choose to paint all twelve numbers or simply make the 12, 3, 6, and 9 positions so the recipient can easily tell what time it is. Once you have come up with the design, you simply attach the clock mechanism through the hole in the center of the CD. These can be purchased at any craft supply store inexpensively. Attach a wall hanger to the back of the clock mechanism and it is ready to be hung on the wall. Position the clock in a room with abundant sunshine for a unique look that will certainly draw in attention.