Vinyl Collecting As A Hobby

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Vinyl Collecting as a Hobby
There are so many things one can collect and thus create for themselves a truly personalized and unique hobby. This is where having such a hobby become a true joy as it meshes together those things one enjoys and adores so that they build a collection that showcases their passion and also in interesting for them to pursue as collecting is a never-ending part of the hobby; as one never knows when or where that next great item may be found.

One top hobby for those that long for the past, enjoy music and have a passion for things that are no longer commonly found is collecting vinyl. For the majority of vinyl collectors that means those great and classic old records that were made using vinyl and have this sultry and classy quality to them. In fact, true enthusiasts make sure to not just create a great vinyl collection, they also make sure they have the right record player to handle those treasures of the past.

Starting a vinyl collection as a hobby is simple and fun and then gets even more entertaining as it eventually becomes harder and harder to find items that one does not already have. This eventual quest for new items is what really drives those who love such a hobby where finding the items is more than half the fun.

A great way to get started is to ask around of friends and family members and see if they happen to have any old pieces of vinyl in their attics, basements, storage units or anywhere else. Chances are one will find a few as most people have a couple that was given to them or handed down through the years. Though vinyl is not common nor easily found, it really has not been all that long ago since it was the preferred medium for recording music to be played back. This simple task of asking around may yield you some great finds to kick-start your collection. Have you seen the newly released collection of game vinyl? They’re a special collection, and we’ve got the Clash of Clans vinyl, which plays the soundtrack.

Then comes the fun part of seeking out more to add to your collection and this is where vinyl collecting really becomes an active hobby. One should get organized upfront so the collection is housed properly. A great place to start is to get bins or boxes to store the vinyl in and set aside an area of the home to store those containers so the collection is always kept together and in one place. This helps cut down on clutter that can quickly take over when one starts really adding to their collection.

Finding those vinyls to buy and add to the collection starts by making a list of all used record stores, music shops, antique stores, vintage shops and flea markets in your area and even a little beyond where you would normally go on a little road trip to score a great find is just as thrilling as taking a mini trip for a true collector. You will need to make regular trips to those types of places that tend to have such vintage items and thus you will start finding vinyl here and there as you build upon your collection and begin growing it to a point where you really are considered a hobbyist of vinyl.

Combing through bins to find that vinyl will eventually become second nature and one will quickly find that yard and garage sales are also great places to find items. Digging through bins and boxes of items others are selling is where most of the really good finds are located. This is again a fun way to spend some time, build a collection and work on a hobby that brings you joy.

From reading for sale advertisements to going to out of the way and even obscure stores and shops; being a vinyl collector is a great hobby for those that want something a bit out of the norm but really a testament to days of the past as records were a mainstay item in almost every home at one time and the sound they give when played really is unmatched for those that truly appreciate the look and sound vinyl adds to music. This is a hobby any age can have as it is one that suits many people.